Bridge Truck

Tharp Brothers also offers a very specialized piece of equipment not common in this area. Our bridge truck, also referred to as a snooper truck or bridge inspection truck, can be used for a multitude of services associated with bridges. Bridge attachments, inspections, and maintenance and repairs are just to name a few. Equipped with hi-rails, it is also capable of railway applications.

We offer bridge attachment services or the bridge truck is available for contract lease by the day, the week or the month. It has been used by railroad companies, engineering firms, maintenance crews, and others throughout the Midwest.

Putting down cable.

Features of the bridge inspection truck include:


  • 1985 Hunt Pierce UB28
  • 4 section steel boom
  • Reach capabilities of: 7 ft truck to rail, 28 ft vertical down, 22 ft horizontal under
  • Boom: #1-11 ft, #2-13 ft, #3-11 ft, #4-5 ft, 6 in
  • Dual single-person 300 lb Cap. Baskets
  • Behind cab mount
  • Air compressor outlets @ basket
  • 110 volt outlet @ basket
  • Wisconsin engine/generator runs boom
  • Basket to chassis intercom system
  • Rotating beacon
  • Axle locks
Putting down cable.


  • 1985 International F1954 6x4
  • 466 7.6 ltr. 6 cyl. Diesel
  • Allison 4 speed automatic
  • Air brakes
  • Air conditioning
  • Steel body w/ flatbed and boxes
  • Body: 21 ft, 11in x 8 ft wide, 12 ft 6in traveling height
  • 16,000 GAWR front
  • 34,000 GAWR rear
  • 50,000 GAWR